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Posted By: Aline Robert September 3, At the same time, French economy is finally picking up. Unemployment has felt to a years low, salaries are growing, industrial production is also growing while falling down everywhere else in the Eurozone, and consumption is back. His reforms gave back purchasing power to a lot of people: households in France will earn euros more in than in , and half of it is due to fiscal and social policy changes.

That definitely helps consumption, then production, and investment.

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On the paper it seems to work, but in the street people still hate him. Gilets Jaunes — the Yellow vests — have left for holidays, then came back, ready to take the streets again in September. The movement has weakened, but other types of social unrest are ready to burst. Spending cuts in hospitals have driven a huge strike movement in emergencies centers all over the country.

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The report identifies the challenges and opportunities now facing Thailand to help guide future development policies for strong, shared and sustainable growth. Key findings Thailand made tremendous progress toward eliminating poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

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The economy grew at an average annual rate of 7. Per capita income rose by 4. As of , 7. The gap between Bangkok and rural areas are widening especially in terms of household income, consumption, education, skills and productivity levels. Growth has slowed sharply to 3.

Trump says China trade talks 'back on track,' new tariffs on hold

At this rate of growth, it will take Thailand more than 20 years to achieve high-income status. Creating more and better jobs by boosting investments in infrastructure; increasing competition through free trade agreements and deregulation; and increasing firm-level competitiveness through technology and innovation.

Strengthening the institutional capability of public sectors to implement reform priorities. Figures Used in the Report 35mb. SCD Presentation April 2mb. Cancel No Thanks Yes, I'll provide feedback.

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