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Flare 24 by Tim Burgard. Flare teams up with Raven Gold to take on the thr… More. Flare 25 by Wilson Hill. It's a special 25th issue celebration, featuring… More. Flare 26 by Wilson Hill. Flare 28 by Dennis Mallonee. The Origin of Lady Darkon is revealed, featuring… More. Flare 29 by Dennis Mallonee. The Return of Duel features the return of the wor… More.

Flare 30 by Terrance Griep Jr.

Santa's little elfin granddaughter Chrissie Claus… More. Flare 32 by Dennis Mallonee. Flare deals with her wicked aunt Helga and has a… More. Flare 34 by Steve Perrin. From a comic book perspective, I feel the same way because it is of such importance to the history of comics. My only complaint, … why publish at 8 x 6. The Peanuts and Dick Tracy collections are 9. Out on a deserted stretch of road linking newly forming towns, a mysterious family stakes a claim and builds an inn for weary visitors. Soon, reports multiply of disappearances around that area.

Generally, those who disappeared had plenty of cash on them. A delicious tale of a gruesome family fronted by a beguiling lass who led their victims on! Gruesome TRUE tales of murder! What more could a person ask for. Rick Geary is a fantastic artist who emerged from the Undergrounds and National Lampoon. These are great stories about true facts. Always fascinating. Jim: Lee, you must let me borrow one of these so I can sample what it is like. This series is a great balance to show that there were people just as twisted then as now. Jim: Lee, even as cynical as I am about today, I know that yesterday was no better.

We always like to glamorize the past. I really enjoy comics that give us information as well as entertain, Action Philosophers being one of my favorite books is a prime example of that type of material. Oh well. Jim: Maybe this will read better as a trade, but I have been following the monthlies issues and it has been a hard road to just finish getting all five issues.

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Ask Brainic6 if she has liked them and hell she may mail the issues to you. Lee: I thought you were the one who really liked this???? I wonder who I did hear the series was good from then?

Classic golden age stories and all with Kirby art. I will pass but just because I already have Kirby reprints from his work in this timeframe. Nice trades.

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Jim: True. I keep hoping for a reprinting in a high quality book that covers the Brian Bolland era. This sequel to one of 's best books follows Death and his horse as he chases a man who won't die through the body-laced badlands and revenge-driven towns of the West. Lee: Another indie that may be worth looking at. Looks pretty too.


SC Lee: Jim always complains about having a monkey on his back! The comic gods have heard and responded with this collection. Flare Adventures 25 Free download. The position angles of the dispersed spectra are given in the region extension of the level 1 data event list. Swift Gehrels et al. This camera observes between 0. The former observing mode uses only 1D imaging to increase the timing resolution of the data, whereas the latter observing mode delivers the 2D photon positions for the entire XRT field of view with a time resolution of 2.

The XRT has an effective area of cm 2 at 1. The log of each yearly campaign is given in Table A. The results of the , , and Swift monitoring were reported in Degenaar et al. One flare was observed on September 9 with an unabsorbed luminosity of 1. This source was identified as a low-mass X-ray binary located near or beyond the Galactic center Ponti et al.

We reprocessed the level 1 data of the Swift observations made in photon counting mode with the data reduction method of Degenaar et al. Since Swift is on a low-Earth orbit located below the radiation belts, the instrumental background caused by the soft-proton flares is negligible and we thus do not need a background extraction region.

The target position on the Swift detector is not fixed. To improve the Degenaar et al. This correction factor is different from one observation to an other, varying from 2 to The correction factor is minimum on-axis with a slightly increasing trend with the off-axis angle because of the increase of the PSF width and the vignetting.

The mean value of the correction factor is 2. This increase of the corrected non-flaring level would lead to a decay of the flare detection efficiency by the Bayesian blocks algorithm but the count rate standard deviation is 1. The result of the Bayesian blocks algorithm is an optimal segmentation of the source event list with blocks of constant count rate separated by the change points.

The event list preparation for the application of the Bayesian block algorithm is the same as explained in Mossoux et al.

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For the XMM-Newton observations, we first took care to associate the arrival time of each event with the center of the observational frame during which it was recorded since the randomization of the event arrival time in the frame duration by the data reduction tasks is arbitrary and not reproducible. The events are thus separated by an integer number of frame durations. If several events were recorded during the same frame, we considered that these events are characterized by the same arrival time. We then filtered out the frames affected by ionizing particles i.

We divided the continuous event list into Voronoi cells whose start and end times are half of the interval between two adjacent events.

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We defined the beginning and end of the first and last cell as the observation start and stop, respectively. The count rate in each Voronoi cell is thus the total number of events in the cell divided by the cell duration. We then corrected the CCD livetime i. Following the method proposed by Scargle et al. We applied the two-step Bayesian blocks algorithm Mossoux et al. The mean count rate of a flare is the mean count rate of the flaring blocks subtracted from the non-flaring level. A comparison with the flare characteristics observed by Ponti et al.

The most prominent effect of the increase of the non-flaring level is a decay of the sensitivity to the detection of the faintest flares Mossoux et al.

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We tested the effect of this short exposure on the detection probability of the flares with the Bayesian blocks algorithm. We then simulated a third event list with a Gaussian flare above this non-flaring level using for the sampling 30 mean count rates from 0. We applied the Bayesian blocks algorithm on the three non-flaring, flaring, and non-flaring concatenated event lists and computed how many times the algorithm found two change points. The resulting detection probability, shown in the top panel of Fig.