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Question: You have been a student and teacher of the Quran for some 50 years, tell us how should one study the Quran? Your purpose of studying the Quran should be to spend time with the author of the holy Scripture, being with Him. I recommend that you read the Quran; to become wise, to be saved, and to practice its teachings. Read it slowly and frequently with focus. Memorise it to fill your brains, let it rule your heart, and guide your steps.

Think deeply when reading it, since it constantly invites you to use reason, your experience, and natural observable facts e. The purpose of this great book is to immerse our hearts and souls in the divine remembrance and to turn us away from worldly pursuits. When we do that, then it will give real life, it will be the companion in the grave, an intercessor that will stand up for you on judgement day, Insha Allah. The purpose of this translation is to convey the meanings of the glorious Quran clearly and concisely with the necessary impact and the appropriate tone of voice.

I simply want to make it accessible, readable and an appealing translation in plain English. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Question: What is the importance of Quran? Question: What are the special features of your translation?

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My aim in translating the Quran into plain English has been to produce a translation that is: Clear, therefore easy to understand. Useful for the sincere seekers so that they can find the life enhancing truths in its pages. The section headings break up the message into bite size chunks, making it easy to understand. These are at times simple description of what is coming next, and at other times are more thought provoking and questioning. I believe there are six key concepts of the glorious Quran: Allah is the supreme Lord and Creator of the universe.

The beloved Messenger peace be upon him is the perfect role model for humanity. The life of the hereafter is the final destination of humanity. Clarification of moral values; the science of human relationships. Connecting humanity with Allah through spiritual ideals. Question: How does the Quran motivate and appeal to the human heart and mind?

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The Quran in Plain English The purpose of this translation is to convey the meanings of the glorious Quran clearly and concisely with the necessary impact and the appropriate tone of voice. Have you ordered your Majestic Quran yet? OK Learn more. Quran Majeed with English Translation. Learn Islam. Al Quran Transliteration. The Right Way. This is an amazing Quran app that beautifies your life with blessing of reading. Transliteration Quran Tajweed. Halal Apps. Quran With English Translation. Mahmoud Al-Asmi. The Noble Quran with English Translation. Verily, the recitation of the Quran at dawn is specially acceptable to God.

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English Translation Of Holy Quran - 2. Al-Baqarah (the Cow) - Muhammad Awais Malik

JSTOR , www. Kramer, Martin. Zavadski, Katie. Translations by Saheeh International, Yusuf Ali, and others are rather old and unnecessary comprehensive. A recent translation made by Dr.

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The translator argues that in Saheeh International there are many words than can be interpreted differently because their meaning has changed over time. This is just one of the many examples he gave. This translation can also be bought on Amazon and is also available for free on quran. Mustafa Khattab. Thanks for your response. Yes, you really should. It includes short summaries before every surah and it includes footnotes for some verses. I believe the footnotes are also included on quran. My Yusuf Ali is dated more like Was there a revision? I started there, having an interest and no one to lead me by the hand.

But I could not do without my Yusuf Ali because of the voluminous notes and the fact that it includes the Arabic, which I am trying to learn with your gracious assistance. With respect, I do not consider Yusuf Ali unnecessarily comprehensive. His notes have opened up worlds of meaning for me—but I was raised as a Christian in the West, so I imagine I need a lot explained that someone raised in a Muslim culture would understand!

I have 7 translations, which is really the only way a non-Arabic speaker can hope to understand some of the nuances. Thank you for this blog post!

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I see I have a few more translations to add to my collection! But I do see this one here quite often.

I found this translation online with transliteration, al-quran. There is a translation by Abdul Majid Daryabadi, an indian scholar and someone who converted from Atheism in the early s. I agree its difficult to translate the Quran.

Have anyone read the new, The Majestic Quran? Plain simple English with section breaks and clear surah summary. It also has a reflection statement or question at every arabic side of the pages. A reply above says how some older translations use archaic English language. I would argue it is harder to read but more beneficial, as relative to certain Arabic words I have found archaic language explains it better than modern English. Mawlana Bilal Ali Ansari recommends Dr.