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Metal working processes: Hot and cold working. Metal working processes: Forging. Metal working processes: Extrusion. Metal working processes: Wire Drawing.

Joining Understanding the Basics

Metal working processes: Press. Metal working processing: Sheet metal operations II. Metal working processing: Sheet metal operations III. Metal working processing: Dies and die set.


Material removal processes: Machining. Material removal processes: Chip Formation. Material removal processes: Types of chips and power consumption. Material removal processes: Heat generation. Material removal processes: Tool failure and tool life. Material removal processes: Cutting fluids. Material removal processes: Grinding I.

Material removal processes: Grinding II. Material removal processes: Grinding III. Joining of metals: Fundamentals I.

Joining of metals: Fundamentals II. Joining of metals: Welding processes I. Joining of metals: Brazing, soldering and weldability. Heat treatment: Normalizing and hardening.

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