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Editor's Note : This post was originally published April 12, It has been updated to reflect new commands and capabilities. For more tips and tricks, check out these iOS 10 hidden features and everything you should know about iOS Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Mobile The complete list of Siri commands Almost everything you can say to Apple's virtual assistant. The spot follows Dwayne Johnson through a day in his life with his sidekick Siri. Johnson uses Siri to check his calendar while working out and zen-gardening; he checks his reminders; he summons a Lyft, which of course he drives; he checks the weather while speeding recklessly; he checks his email while painting the Sistine Chapel; he does centiliter conversions with his hands full; he FaceTimes and takes selfies from space.

Siri calls him "Mr. Big, Bald, and Beautiful," in a way that hopefully will feel slightly less uncomfortable in iOS From the beginning, Joswiak says, Apple wanted Siri to be a get-shit-done machine. It drives him crazy that people compare virtual assistants by asking trivia questions, which always makes Siri look bad. Instead, Joswiak is still focused on helping people do more with the help of an automated friend.

He points to Siri's ability to do complicated file-search on the Mac, or the upcoming HomePod 's deep knowledge of music. Another example came a few days after our meeting, when Siri won a technical Emmy for its voice search and controls. There really is something wonderful about saying, "Hey Siri, rewind two minutes," and watching it happen. Siri can't do everything, or even most things.

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  • Apple’s updated AirPods are here, cost $199 with new wireless charging case.

It's most useful for saving you a few taps and types, not solving complicated trivia or debating whether we're living in a simulation. Yet because Siri shows no bounds—you can ask it anything—users will try everything.

Apple's completely wireless earbuds.

Part of his job entails helping Siri communicate its skills better, and fail gracefully when it must. Another challenge is just getting people to remember Siri exists. In iOS 11, Siri becomes a lot more present and a lot more proactive. It'll watch you browse the web and then suggest Apple News stories for you to read, or help you add a calendar event for the massage you just booked through Groupon.

The new Siri is a shape-shifter, syncing your settings between devices so no matter what gadget you're using, Siri knows you as well as always. Over the years, Apple's been slow to let developers integrate with Siri. While Alexa and, to a lesser extent, Google Assistant have encouraged others to build apps for and including their assistants, Siri's walls have stayed closed.

All those things The Rock can do, he can only do in Apple's own apps. It refuses to acknowledge the existence of Google Maps or Outlook on your phone, and certainly won't turn on any light bulbs made without HomeKit. Last year, the company cautiously let more developers in, allowing users to use Siri to make calls with WhatsApp, summon a ride from Uber, or send money with Venmo.

The doors creak wider in iOS 11, but only slightly. Such slow-moving has cost Apple its lead in many people's eyes, as Amazon and Google hoover up developer support and race ahead in features.

The basics

Joswiak at least projects patience. The question, he says, is not how many things Siri could do.

Before you continue...

Apple, as always, prefers doing nothing to doing something halfway. The syntax problem ultimately comes back to the same thing Acero heard listening to Samantha and Theodore Twombly fall in love on-screen. The best computers—even the science-fiction ones—sound human. Anytime you want to check the progress, just check in with Siri. Your iPhone has all kinds of sensitive and important data, which is why you should know how to back it up.

Blocking them might help. More Siri. Steven Levy. Voice Interfaces. Liz Stinson. I removed and re-paired new AirPods to my iPhone and updated from the developer beta version of watchOS 5.

Apple AirPods Pro review: new in-ear design and active noise cancellation - The Verge

The experience has been back to excellent since the initial blip. Activating Siri with a voice command on AirPods is really natural and fast. The double-tap gesture was never ideal for invoking Siri. Being in motion and activating Siri with a voice command without breaking your stride or worrying about where your wrist is positioned is just one less point of friction. Siri is still Siri, though, so mistakes will happen. This limits accidentally triggering the wrong device too. New AirPods go for the same price with the same charging case.

The pricing choice is curious and makes the buying decision more complicated. One one hand, I totally understand that Apple could almost never make as many sets of the original AirPods as it could sell.

Morning Routine Life Hacks - 35 Life Hacks and DIY Projects You Need to Try!

Naturally, there was room for a more expensive version of AirPods to exist. Longer battery life and water resistance?

I value wireless charging a lot, but I think a lot of less tech-savvy AirPods customers who would appreciate the feature will be turned off by the price premium. With that being said, I am absolutely loving wireless charging with the new AirPods case. Apple Watch has sort of always had its own take on wireless charging, and iPhone adopted standard Qi-based wireless charging with iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Evidence has convinced me that new AirPods were ready to ship last year, but Apple thought it could finish its special AirPower wireless charging mat and ship both at the same time.

Then Apple released new AirPods with the wireless charging case in late March, waiting nine days to later announce that the AirPower project was cancelled. I already had single wireless charging pads in different rooms around my house for charging my iPhone. I just started charging my iPhone and AirPods in different rooms to avoid having two wireless charging pads sitting side by side.